About Brava

Building the Best Motor Oil Brand

Brava Lubricants is not just another motor oil brand. We constantly seek advanced technology to develop the best products to protect your cars and engines. As the best motor oil brand, we take pride in providing only the highest quality synthetic oil for our full line of lubricant products formulated at our plant in Puerto Rico. Our team develops, tests and approves all Brava products against competing brands with one end goal in mind — to make your engines last longer and run stronger.

Brava Diamantis product bottles on an assembly line
Brava Ignis product bottle

The Brava Standard

Established in 2013, Brava Lubricants offers a wide range of high performance engine oils and greases for the automotive, industrial, fleet and elite racing industries. With continuous innovation, we develop a superior lubricant that keeps engines as close to factory clean as possible.

Brava Diamantis product bottle

With Quality to Match

With our team’s extensive safety testing and dedication to quality, we prioritize the highest standards for our products, laboratory services and client communications. From everyday motor oil changes to filling elite racing cars with the best motor oil brand, Brava gives you exclusive high performance engine oils that will protect against wear and reduce friction.

pouring Brava elite racing oil into car engine
the big 21 pit crew on the side of the racetrack

Meet the Brava Team

  • headshot Jore Gonzalez Camp

    Founder & CEO

    Jorge Gonzalez Camp

  • Headshot Gerardo Morera


    Gerado Morera

  • Supply-Chain Manager

    Xamayra Lamb

  • Headshot Karla Luna

    Human Resource Director

    Kara Luna

  • Headshot Eloid Gonzalez Irrizary

    Quality Coordinator

    Eloid Gonzalez Irrizary

  • Headshot Rafael Lebron

    Distribution Warehouse Manager

    Rafael Lebron

  • Headshot Linis Rivera

    Graphic Designer and Printing Manager

    Linis Rivera

  • Headshot Luis Santiago

    Export Dispatch & Distribution Supervisor

    Luis Santiago

  • Headshot of Lenoil Nogue

    Brava Racing Team Manager

    Lenoil Nogue