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Formulating with the Purest Bases in the World

At Brava, we continually seek innovative solutions to supply your engines with the purest bases in the world. Our team created an engine lab that provides top of the industry lubricant testing and research to develop the best products for your automotive, industrial and high-speed engines.

lab technician pouring brava Aurum into a beaker
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Our Dedication to Quality

Through our rigorous lubricant testing and quality control procedures, we commit to providing only the highest quality synthetic oils formulated through our Pure Base Technology. Our team is composed of blending, quality control, technical and certification specialists who ensure each product is up to industry standards for every vehicle and machine that runs on Brava.

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The Brava Base Testing Process

We demand perfection in every aspect of our manufacturing processes. When we produce our lubricants with one goal in mind — to develop premium products that withstand our engine lab’s rigorous lubricant testing process.

lab technician measuring different lubricants in beakers
person pouring lubricant from a beaker in the lab

The Brava Difference

The Brava Lab is an on-site engine lab with the equipment, lab technicians and technical experts that guarantee the quality and performance of our products. BY analyzing, evaluating and verifying every stage of our lubricant testing process, we meet the expectations of many international qualifications including ATSM, API, SAE, JASO and more. When you use Brava Lubricants, you will experience the Brava difference in every tested product completed by our team.

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For more information about our engine lab, lubricant testing process and our line of products, contact us to speak with a member of our Brava team.

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