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It all started with a dream of building the fastest car in the world and a team of exceptional racers for the sport of acceleration, supported by our revolutionary Puerto Rican motor oil. Today, the Brava Racing Team makes the dream a reality by bringing their drivers to the tracks.

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Who is the Brava Racing Team?

The Brava Racing Team is a record-breaking club powered by the first motor oil made in Puerto Rico, Brava Elite Racing. With exciting Brava fan experience and elite performance vehicles, Brava brings the next level of racing to the world.

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Brava Elite Racing Oil

The Brava Racing Team runs on Brava Elite Racing Oil! Made with the purest base formula for high-performance modified engines, our motor oil protects against the extreme temperatures associated with racing and increases engine power for improved vehicle performance on the track.

the big 21 on a racetrack

Ready for more from the Brava Racing Team?

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Brava Lambo

The Brava Lambo project launched in 2021, offering Brava fans of all ages an exciting experience with one of the world’s most iconic car models. Featuring a Lamborghini Huracán EVO 2021, the Brava Lambo is wrapped in a unique design style that still matches the vibrancy and enthusiasm that is Brava Lubricants brand.

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The Big 21

In 2018, the Big 21 project developed the first racing car that ran on Brava oil and was made entirely in Puerto Rico. Today, the Big 21 participates in many races throughout the world and serves as a unifying fan experience for all Brava Racing enthusiasts.

Where will The Big 21 Race Next?

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