The big 21 race car side view with brava elite racing oil product bottles

Elite Racing Oil

Brava Elite Racing

High-Performance Engine Oil

Product shot of the Brava Elite Racing bottle

Product Details:

Brava Elite Racing Oil contains a specialty formula for high-performance modified engines. Found to be superior over other elite racing oils, Brava Elite Racing maintains pressures, low temperatures and a viscosity that stays intact after each pass.

  1. 5x more horsepower without sacrificing high protection against extreme temperatures.
  2. Provides high thermal stability and steady viscosity index at different ambient temperatures.
  3. High friction coefficient prevents slippage and wear of clutch discs.
  4. Excellent protection against scratches of pistons and cylinders under high rpm operating conditions.

Product Specifications:

Brava Elite Racing


PART No. BRA-147-C

Brava Elite Racing


PART No. BRA-146-C

Brava Elite Racing

SAE 50

PART No. BRA-156-C
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