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Transmission Fluid

Brava CVT

Full-Synthetic CVT

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Product Details:

The Brava CVT lubricants are formulated for continuously variable transmissions (CVT) and a modern string band. Composed of our high quality synthetic bases and an additive package that includes friction modifiers, anti-wear properties and viscosity improvers, Brava CVT will keep your transmission running longer and stronger.

  1. Qualifies as a full-synthetic transmission fluid.
  2. Excellent anti-shudder durability.
  3. Superior wet clutch performance.
  4. Excellent anti-wear performance.
  5. Excellent metal-metal friction protection.
  6. Designed to provide excellent torque transfer.

Product Specifications:

Brava CVT


  • Audi Multitronic
  • Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler NS-2
  • Lexus Fluid TC, Fluid FE
PART No. BRA-115-C
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