men looking at an industrial engine standing next to 2 drums of industrial oil

Industrial Oil

Brava GE 1350

Turbine Engine Oil

Brava Drum for GE1350

Product Details:

Brava GE1350, a high performance engine oil, is specifically developed for stationary gas engines such as electric power generators. Formulated with our high quality bases and an approval by Siemens, this engine oil keeps your engines in perfect condition after hours of use.

  1. Excellent anti-wear performance.
  2. Performs at a high-level extreme temperature conditions.
  3. Superior oxidation and nitration control.
  4. Excellent deposit control for all components.
  5. Tried and tested engine protection for over 10,000 hours.
  6. Approvals: Siemens, Dresser Rand, Guascor

Product Specifications:

Brava GE 1350


  • Approval Siemens
  • API CF
  • Cummins
  • Jenbacher
  • MAN Diesel & Turbo 4T
  • MTU
55GL Drum
PART No. BRA-228-D
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