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Brava Nauticus

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Product Details:

Brava Nauticus is a high performance boat engine oil that improves 2-cycle performance and reduces wear in standard and high performance 2-cycle gasoline engines. Formulated with Brava’s Pure Base Technology, our motor boat oil keeps spark plugs and exhaust ports clean for maximum 2-stroke engine efficiency.

  1. Increased fuel economy that reduces wear and offers a longer engine life.
  2. Provides high thermal stability and high viscosity index at different ambient temperatures.
  3. High friction coefficient prevents slippage and wear of clutch discs.
  4. Excellent protection against scratches of pistons and cylinders under high rpm operating conditions.

Product Specifications:

Brava Nauticus


  • Suitable for: TCW-3 NMMA
PART No. BRA-200-C
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