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Diesel Oil

Brava Optimum HD

Two-Stroke Engine Oil

Product shot of the Brava Optimum HD bucket

Product Details:

The Brava Optimum HD Series is specially formulated for the protection of heavy duty diesel engines such as buses, construction vehicles, agricultural machinery and two-stroke engines. Our HD diesel oils exceed all diesel engine protection needs, whether they are turbocharged or normally aspirated.

  1. Contains elevated detergent and dispersant power to keep pistons clean and avoid the formation of deposits and additional cylinder grinding.
  2. Excellent behavior in extreme temperature conditions.
  3. Facilitates startup that decreases the friction of the engine’s vital pieces and reduces premature wear.
  4. Less oil consumption and more protection against wear.
  5. Meets the classifications of API CF/CF-2 oils.

Product Specifications:

Brava Optimum HD


  • API CF/CF-2

Brava Optimum HD


  • API CF/CF-2
PART No. BRA-113-P
55GL Drum
PART No. BRA-113-D

Brava Optimum HD


  • API CI-4 Plus
  • CF/SL
  • CH-4
  • CI-4
  • SJ
PART No. BRA-114-P
55GL Drum
PART No. BRA-114-D
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