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Brava Victum Power Steering

Power Steering Fluid

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Product Details:

Brava Victum Power Steering are perfectly formulated with mineral bases with high viscosity indexes and additive packages that meet the needs required in the applications. Brava Lubricant Power Steering is specially designed to seal leaks. Brava Power Steering is safe and compatible with all power steering fluids.

  1. Excellent corrosion protection.
  2. High antioxidant power, ensuring the conservation of its properties, during the entire service time.
  3. Provides anti-friction power that guarantees long life and durability.
  4. Swelling sealing agent to protect the seals.
  5. Prevents corrosion, reduces wear, and extends power steering system life.

Product Specifications:

Brava Victum Power Steering

Power Steering

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